Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Who are the friendliest people you know?

I had an experience the other night that got me thinking about friendly people. I have come up with a list of 3.
1. Disc Golfers.
2. Geocachers.
3. People in a bar.

The other night I went out with a few friends and we had been talking about finding a good place to play horseshoes. Brian had seen that there was a horseshoe tournament at a looking watering hole. We were not able to do that, but they have $1 cheeseburger nights on Tuesdays. So we made a plan. We were going to get cheap burgers and play horseshoes.

 We showed up and there were a few people there and sure enough it was $1 cheeseburger Tuesday! We found a spot outside on a picnic table and made our order. We were still missing our fourth so we just waited for our food and would play after we ate. Then two guys come out and asked if we wanted to play. Steve and Brian started. These guys were super nice. It may have something to do with the liquid content of their glasses, I don't know. But we played. I subbed in half way through for Brian and we beat them pretty badly. Our food came, but they wanted a rematch after we ate.

Good food was consumed and we joined back to our game. We beat them again and Jeff quit. Rob still wanted to play. I said Brian could be his teammate but he had other plans. A ringer! The guy was pretty good. Steve played and Craig jumped in (about time he showed up) and it was back and forth. They had the lead on us 16-13 or something like that. I jumped in and hit a ringer and I think we were up at 19-18 (although in all three games there was a lot of adding one to their score and subtracting one from ours...haha) but then Billy, the new guy, hit a ringer to end it. All in all it was a really good time.

After the final game Brian, Steve, Craig and I sat down as Craig finished his dinner and just chatted. Billy sat at the table behind us with his wife. His wife asked us if this is what normal guys do. We wondered what she meant. She said, "Sit down, eat, play together and talk?" We said, "Yes." She couldn't figure it out. She asked us if we had girls or if we were together (not sure what she meant) and we laughed and told her we were happily married and all had kids. She couldn't understand. "So you aren't here to find a girl?" "NO! We are very, very happy with our wives!" She said, "You guys are the perfect guys! I can't believe you exist." That made me a bit sad, but was also thankful we could be "different" in an out of place spot for us and still not be a bad different.

It was a fun experience and these people were super nice. It made me wonder about church. Do those of us who go to church extend a friendly hand and start up conversations with people or are we too comfortable in our pew seats to say anything? Hmmmm. I think we may have something to learn from our friends at the bar. I think I will have to share my disc golfing experience here n the next few posts too. It's pretty good.

Oh, back to the game for a second. These guys who were so nice and friendly, had "an agenda." We laughed with them a lot, and Rob tried to get us to sign up for the Elks club! He said there are so many old guys that are dieing that they need young guys in there. I said, "What do you have to do to be an Elk, what does that mean?" He said, "Do you believe in God?", "Yes I do!", "Do you believe in the American flag?" "Yes I do." "That's pretty much it. You need a proposer (sponsor). I don't know you guys that well, but I will be your proposer." He had applications in his car for us!

Haha...I am not sure the "cheap drinks, food, great horse shoe pits and shuffle board" are enough to draw me in. Wait, great horse shoe pits?


Chrystal said...

wait, you don't go to pick up the ladies?

Bex said...

josh just told me that he is PISSED he didn't get an invite...sooo....

just kidding. Bad joke. I'm mean.

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