Thursday, August 05, 2010

Ever have a moment that went from blah to HOLY WOWZERS in just a moment?

Sometimes in life we have those ordinary days that don't seem special and something happens and everything is different. I think that is what it will be like the day we get our referral. Today we have been on the waiting list for exactly 4 weeks! I know that in just a moment, some time in the near future, our lives will flip. It will be an ordinary day just like today. Nothing extra special about the day, just normal stuff. Then BLAMO, we will get our referral and our lives will be that much closer to bringing our babies home!

Have you had a day like that? A day where everything is radically changed in a moment? Tell me about it. Share in the comment section. The video below is a moment like that. A choir was out in a community singing. One of the students had called his mom and asked her to pick him up because he was bored. Then someone showed up and the whole day became different. The singer of the song they were singing! He called his mom back and said forget it. Check out the evidence below.


Angela said...

I would say the Ditchen's have had losts of days like that! :)
Through all those days tragic and joyful God is there guiding us through!

Adoption Mission: Possible said...

Yes, the day of our referral was one of those days. Also, the days our boys were born. So, basically, the days we added children to our family, our world was rocked... for the better!

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