Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cell Phone Bill at $85,000!!!

I have had a few charges from trips I have taken out of the country that i was not expecting. Things like incoming text messages I did not know how to stop or the 1 minute phone call that cost $8! That really ticked me off. Imagine what it would be like is you got a bill for 10s of thousands of dollars! Check out this story.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ashton Kutcher beats CNN to 1,000,000 Twitter Followers

A historic moment in internet history happened around 11:13PM PST on April 16, 2009. A few days earlier Ashton Kutcher challenged CNN to see who could reach 1,000,000 Twitter followers first. At the time he was in the low 800,000s and CNN was in the low 900,000s. Suddenly the twitterverse blew up. It was all over the internet and CNN began talking about it quite a bit too, even though they said it wasn't any big deal.

Ashton promised to give $100,000 if he won to help stop malaria. Earlier in the day Ashton passed CNN, but it was a tight race all along. CNN took the lead and then Ashton came back again. He got on and was calling for people to follow. He got so excited because he realized that we can make our voices heard through the internet and not just have media tell us what we should hear or see.

It was pretty intense to watch. Almost like watching a sporting event. It may mean nothing to you and you may think it's dumb, but it is a significant moment in pop culture.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Amazing iPhone App...beautiful music.

I used to play trombone when I was in high school. It's in my closet now. Maybe I should bring it out or maybe I should just get this app.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Twitter goes out when you Fart

This guy built a chair that senses when gas is emitted and then, connected to a computer, and then sends out a tweet. Anyone following this dude then gets the tweet. It says several different witty things about it like, "Ewww, that was a gross one." Just thought it was pretty funny. No, I am not following this one...yet. Read more here.
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