Shirts, Hats, Etc.

We are currently fun-draising for our adoption. We are getting creative and trying to find different things that may suit your likes. 

The shirts are $25 each and $5 for shipping. If you are local I will deliver it to you.
When you click the paypal button that corresponds with the color you want indicate the size you want. I hope you like it and the extra surprise that we are not sharing yet.

<---this is for the fatigue green one

<---this is for the navy shirt

This is what the graphic looks like up close.

And our hats.

My mom has been knitting these hats for us. It started with just some normal Norwegian designs. Then she put some letters that happened to match with some colors that may or may not look like some schools you may have heard of. If they match up, they match up. Colors and letters are just that...colors and letters. Anyhow, if you are interested in a hat we would love to sell you one. They are $25 and if you want us to ship them to you add another $5 to it. Also, if you have a specific color and a different letter than what you see in the following pictures, add $5 and I am pretty sure we can accommodate you.

Remember: they are hand knit and made to order so it may take a few weeks before we can get them out to you. My mom has to get the colors, knit it and send it to us so we can get it to you. Also, please be specific on what you want it to look like. If you want tassels or pompom make that very clear.

So, if you want one, either send me a message on facebook, email me or comment here with EXACTLY what you want and how many and I will put the order in with my mom. Of course if you need me to mail it to you add $5 for shipping. Thanx!

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