Thursday, September 18, 2008

If Sarah Palin was my Mom...

I do not talk politics. Too dividing and that is the opposite of what the strengthsfinder says I am about. Anyhow, I found this funny web site that will tell you what your name would be if you were born to Sarah Palin. My name would be Hose Hotrod Palin.

What would yours be?

Friday, September 12, 2008

I am Very, Very Sneaky

Have you seen that Adam Sandler movie, "Mr Deeds" where his butler dude sneaks up on people all the time and says, "I am very, very sneaky." That was me today. My kids walked home from school (we live 2 blocks away) for the first time on their own today. I couldn't just let them go on their own. So I rode my bike out to the school and parked it on the other side of the place where they come out.

It seemed to take forever for them to emerge from the stream of flowing students, but they finally came and the hunt was on. The longer they waited the more cars left the less hiding places I had, which was funny. I really didn't want them to see me. I felt like a PI or a CIA agent or something...sorta. That would be a cool job I think. Especially if they issued me a gun.

They finally got home and I raced into the back yard, tossed off my shirt and made like I had been sunning myself. They came out right after I sat down saying, "We thought you were still at work and Mamma wasn't home!" Kynzi, ever so smart, says, "I just looked out here 5 seconds ago." I told her she must have missed me. Haha. How are they old enough to be making this walk anyhow?!?!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Home Run Leader breaks his own wrist

I just had to laugh at this guys stupidity. Then I realized I have done some very similar things in my life (they just aren't as public and vital to my job as his). Ever do anything stupid and have to pay for it? I would love to hear your story.

American League home run leader Carlos Quentin has a broken right wrist stemming from his own temper, and the Chicago White Sox left fielder will have surgery Monday that could sideline him for the rest of the season.

Quentin was injured Monday night in Cleveland. After fouling off a pitch while batting against Cliff Lee, Quentin hit his right hand on the bat as he was holding it with his left.

Read the whole story here.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Celebrate National Youth Worker's Appreciation Day

Did you know there was such a thing? Well, there wasn't before, but there is now. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to thank your youth leaders!!! It's this weekend. Do you have someone that has impacted your life? A youth pastor or volunteer that has spoken truth into who you are and who you can become? Maybe they have just remembered your name or given a message that has made a difference in your life. Maybe they came to your game or concert or play.

Whatever it is. This is your chance to say thanx! Check out the official Youth Worker Appreciation Day website. There is also a great article on it here.

Don't let this day pass you by. Do something. Get out there. Buy a gift, get a gift card to their favorite place, make something they will really appreciate.

Want some ideas? Sure, I will toss you a list of ideas from cheap to expensive. Now, I realize not every youth leader will like the same things, so it helps if you get them something with them in mind, but here are a few helper hints.

Stuff you could make/do:
* skim board with their name or artwork of them on it.
* Monopoly board but custom made with things that are relevant to them (ie. "Flipside Lane" or "Crash Ave" or "Refinery Rd" or whatever your youth ministry name is). Then call it something like "Linkopoly"
* Underwater camera case for the video or digital camera. Here is an example.
* Go to their house and wash their car. (not like you do at a car wash fundraiser, do it really, really well).
* Mow their yard (make sure you know what you are doing and don't trim that bush into a shape of yourself without them knowing it)
* Clean the youth room
* Give them free babysitting (or, if they are single, a month on eharmony)
* A stay at a vacation place you have (talk to your parents)
* Get creative!!!

"Less expensive"
* A surprise from the It's just 10 bucks and they get some random object. Kinda cool.
* Make a movie night package for them. In a basket put movie tickets (get them at Costco for cheaper), their favorite soda, microwave popcorn, your favorite DVD (even from your collection to keep it cheaper), gift certificates to a movie rental place that is local, gift certificate for 2 free nights of babysitting (one for the theaters and one for the stay home movie watching), and some sparkling cider.
* Gift certificates to their favorite restaurant, Starbucks, Cold Stone, etc.
* Other gift basket ideas that you can think up. Just make it look decent.

"More expensive"
* I-pod
* One of those I-pod plus running things that helps motivate them to stay in shape.
* 3-6-12 months at a workout facility.
* Digital camera
* I-phone
* Scooter (no, one with a motor)
* Skydiving trip

"Ridiculously Expensive"
* Trip to Hawaii
* Pilot lessons
* Helicopter flight
* Paraglider
* T-touch watch! This is wayyyy cool!

OK, I think that you get the idea. Keep the person's likes and interests in mind. Be good to them. They put a lot of time and effort into making your youth ministry a wonderful place to be and learn and grow.

This might even be someone you haven't connected with in a long time. Look them up on facebook or myspace (yes, I know. Not all of them are that tech savvy, but it doesn't hurt to try)

Have fun and let me know what you did, will u?
* You get the picture
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