Saturday, February 28, 2009

National Youth Ministry Conference...Day 1

Day 1 is done. A lot of traveling and then headed straight for the conference. I guess it's not at the Nationwide Arena. I asked the guy there if the youth workers conference was there. He told me it was Disney on Ice. So I said, "Oh, it is here." I'm so funny.

Anyhow, I got there a little late, but go to see the Segway Olympics and my boy Spencer Sweeting and Karl Fisher and crew got to be in it! Doug gave us some good tidbits and introduced Alex and Brett Harris. They are twin brothers who started a blog together when they were 16? All about the idea that they would rebel against people saying that young people can’t/won’t do much with their lives. They shared some stories of other young people who have done some amazing things, like Zack Hunter, who at 15 authored his first book against slavery.

Jamie Coleman was another girl they talked about who started a shoe drive. She walked a mile on her school track barefoot and asked people to show up with shoes to send to Africa. She got 1,400. She then went to other schools and ended up getting over 4,300 shoes. This girl landed in Africa with a team to give out the shoes and they ran out. So her and her team gave the shoes on their feet. One lady saw her barefoot and came to give her the shoes she had just gotten. Jamie refused, but was deeply moved by that moment of selflessness.

Alex and Brett are the younger brothers of Josh Harris who wrote “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.

Nice work fellas.

Tim Timmons came and lead us in worship. He definitely has a unique sound. I was particularly intrigued by the artwork on the screen. I am pretty sure that is the handiwork of John Bucher.

We got a concert by Braddigan at the end to wrap the evening up and then it was time to socialize. I got to catch up with a bunch of ministry friends. Love these like-minded people! Then off to Bucca di Bepos for some great Italian food with Jason, Kris and Tony! Yum!!!

Full day Saturday. Need to get my body clock in synch.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Teammate

Today was Mike's first day on the job. Mike is my new administrative assistant! I can't believe it has actually happened. After doing a bunch of interviews with several different people; struggling with making a final decision, as we had some great people; hating the "I'm sorry" moments to those we had to say no to; wading through the process right before DYC, our biggest event of the year; we finally did it.

Mike Labrum was/is the youth pastor at Mosaic church in Portland and was ready for a change as he was coming to the end of his 2 year process there. I say was/is because he will continue on volunteering there even after they hire a new person for that role.

Mike is a very techie guy and has a Mac and iPhone...that in itself could almost be enough for me...haha. My biggest struggle with my job is taking care of my receipts. Even during the interview process he said, "Oh, there's an app for that for your phone!" Wow! He is going to do great with the administration stuff AND he is a creative guy.

I am so excited to finally fill that spot and get rolling with it. Welcome Mike!

ps. don't judge a book...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Operation Exercise

Operation Exercise is on. I just started taking a class for my Master's degree. It's a coaching class. Not the kind you are probably thinking of. It has nothing to do with sports. It is "life coaching." I also just started having my own life coach. Basically helping me focus on things I want to accomplish and getting me to make decisions as to what to do.

First thing? Back to exercising. My action plan is to go to bed between 11:00-11:30PM and get up at 6AM. Then exercising for 30-45 minutes to start. I will start doing the Wii Fit and mixing in running. I want to get back to doing a half marathon this summer. Gulp. Not only is my coach holding me accountable, but I am tossing this out to my blog drought filled readers. (sorry my blogging has dropped off quite a bit). This is also my attempt to give the blog some love again.

oops, just looked at the clock. I am off to bed. Night friends.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Movie prices!!!

We came to a matinée to see Paul Blart. The movie is not important. The thing that is important is that the 4:15pm showing cost us $9.50 each!!! Normally it's $7.50 for a matinée. I went in and talked to a manager and she told me that try changed matinée time from 6pm to 4pm on weekends.

Are you for real?!?! I am at the theater right now and honestly am fuming. I know, we could use our entertainment coupon but I left that at home as I didn't know about this new change. Why wasn't I informed? I am a "faithful" customer. My regal crown card prves that as it shows all the points I have.

I am steamed. I even got out of line for popcorn because I didn't want to give them anymore money.

And now I am done. This better be good!
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