Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Operation Exercise

Operation Exercise is on. I just started taking a class for my Master's degree. It's a coaching class. Not the kind you are probably thinking of. It has nothing to do with sports. It is "life coaching." I also just started having my own life coach. Basically helping me focus on things I want to accomplish and getting me to make decisions as to what to do.

First thing? Back to exercising. My action plan is to go to bed between 11:00-11:30PM and get up at 6AM. Then exercising for 30-45 minutes to start. I will start doing the Wii Fit and mixing in running. I want to get back to doing a half marathon this summer. Gulp. Not only is my coach holding me accountable, but I am tossing this out to my blog drought filled readers. (sorry my blogging has dropped off quite a bit). This is also my attempt to give the blog some love again.

oops, just looked at the clock. I am off to bed. Night friends.

1 comment:

Chris Steele said...

I've lost 8 pounds doing Wii Fit so far, and I wasn't winded at all when I walked some hills the other day--it totally works!

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