Friday, November 23, 2007

Best Buy Camping

I'm sitting in my lawn chair in my tent w/Preston, Thomas and Drew. we are camping outside of Best Buy. I know what you're thinking...nerd. haha. it's true, I am. i'm ok with it. this year I won a youtube video competition and got a $500 best buy gift certificate and also won an ipod that I turned in and got more certificates. so, the plan is to buy a tv with my certificates! I am so pumped. this is my 7th year doing this. I got here about 7 tonight and was about 60th in line! what?!?! there were 7 people setting up a tent when I stopped by last night at 9:15! THIS IS CRAZY! anyhow, a lot of it is the experience. the camaraderie. the fun of the craziness. the thrill of the hunt. looking forward to the rush in the morning!

What a night. I got what I came for...and more. Ebay/ I come. We handed out a bunch of hot dogs to random people in line (Drew and Thomas brought em and a little grill with them). We went in at 5am and I got all I needed and into line. I had finished with my transactions at 5:17am! Wow! How fun!

Then we went outside and got some trash bags and cleaned up all the garbage that was left outside. That was pretty cool.

Went home unpacked the TV and napped for several hours.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i'm on i-5 in the HUT (shuttle)

This is the world we live in. I am on I-5 on the airport shuttle heading to the Portland airport. They have satellite wi-fi and plug ins to plug my laptop into. It's crazy. I took a pic of myself with my digital camera and plugged that into my laptop. As much of a techie nerd that I am, this still amazes me!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I got stopped by the cops for Violence and Defacing Property today

I was at our church today putting together a video for promo for DYC (our high school conference in February). We were doing a stop motion deal where Brian shot pictures from the roof of the church and Josh drew on the ground with chalk. I would move on the ground with a skateboard so it looked like I was moving along the path that Josh was drawing.

I was laying on the ground as Brian was taking the pictures and suddenly a cop pulled up in her police car. She looked at us and asked if we were juveniles as she smiled and had a twinkle in her eye. I laughed and said, "If your definition of a juvenile is someone over 30, then yes," She laughed and asked if we were violent. And I said sometimes.

She told us that she had gotten a 911 call saying that there were juveniles defacing church property and one guy was on the ground while the other guy was kicking him. We all had a good laugh. It turns out that someone she used to work with on the force was someone we knew. We talked a bit about that and then I asked her if we could use her in the video. She has 2 or 3 frames in there. It was pretty funny.

At least people care and did something about what they thought they saw.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Power Outages

Today my friend Matt told me they lost power for a few hours and Lisa said they lost power all night. I had no idea there were any outages. My lack of watching the news puts me out of a lot of local news.

I was saying how I love a good power outage that lasts one night or so. It puts you into a place where you can not get online or watch TV. Family time gets to be really close and you read a lot by candle light or flash light. I love doing that.

I am pretty tied to technology, so it is good to have a "forced" night away from that kind of thing from time to time.

I got home today and told Jeanne-Ann about my conversation. A bit later our power went out. I thought, "Cool. We get that night tonight." Then .8 seconds later the power came back on. Oh well. I suppose we could pretend, but it doesn't seem to work that way very well. Besides, Prison Break and Heroes is on tonight. haha.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Quest is done :(

What a weekend. We did 2 middle school camps over a 3 week period. It was incredible. This weekend had considerably nicer weather than the last weekend did. 280 at this one and 240 at the last. We had the same band and same speaker at both.

My buddy Kevbo helped me do program at this one. He is a funny guy. Funnier than me. Some would say that's not hard. We had a blast being goofy and leading games and giving away prizes.

The band was great as always. They are really wonderful people that I enjoy hanging out with immensely. We stayed up late both nights playing games and that was fun. Jason, our speaker, is a good friend from back in my Georgia days. He did an awesome job too.

2 hours back on the blob again. I love that! I may look goofy to some, but I wore my wet suit and stayed warm the entire time. I would say that is pretty smart.

I am tired from the weekend but that's mostly cuz I stayed up so late playing games with the band, Kevbo and Jason. Thankfully we got an extra hour of sleep. I told the students that I had a gift for them because I loved them all so much. I told them we were going to let them sleep in an hour and to turn their watches back an hour and we would keep the same schedule. I am not sure how many of them realized that it was DST or not. Pretty funny, because many of them cheered when I told them this.

Welp, gotta finish the highlights DVD and update the website. Check out later this week.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Cool videos for your ministry

I have been on several times and they have great videos that you can use for ministry on there. Keep checking out, you just might find one of my videos on there.

We used one in our church a few weeks ago. There is also a series of "linebacker evangelist" videos that are hilarious! Check it out.

Anyhow, just wanted to pass that on.
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