Friday, November 23, 2007

Best Buy Camping

I'm sitting in my lawn chair in my tent w/Preston, Thomas and Drew. we are camping outside of Best Buy. I know what you're thinking...nerd. haha. it's true, I am. i'm ok with it. this year I won a youtube video competition and got a $500 best buy gift certificate and also won an ipod that I turned in and got more certificates. so, the plan is to buy a tv with my certificates! I am so pumped. this is my 7th year doing this. I got here about 7 tonight and was about 60th in line! what?!?! there were 7 people setting up a tent when I stopped by last night at 9:15! THIS IS CRAZY! anyhow, a lot of it is the experience. the camaraderie. the fun of the craziness. the thrill of the hunt. looking forward to the rush in the morning!

What a night. I got what I came for...and more. Ebay/ I come. We handed out a bunch of hot dogs to random people in line (Drew and Thomas brought em and a little grill with them). We went in at 5am and I got all I needed and into line. I had finished with my transactions at 5:17am! Wow! How fun!

Then we went outside and got some trash bags and cleaned up all the garbage that was left outside. That was pretty cool.

Went home unpacked the TV and napped for several hours.

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