Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I got stopped by the cops for Violence and Defacing Property today

I was at our church today putting together a video for promo for DYC (our high school conference in February). We were doing a stop motion deal where Brian shot pictures from the roof of the church and Josh drew on the ground with chalk. I would move on the ground with a skateboard so it looked like I was moving along the path that Josh was drawing.

I was laying on the ground as Brian was taking the pictures and suddenly a cop pulled up in her police car. She looked at us and asked if we were juveniles as she smiled and had a twinkle in her eye. I laughed and said, "If your definition of a juvenile is someone over 30, then yes," She laughed and asked if we were violent. And I said sometimes.

She told us that she had gotten a 911 call saying that there were juveniles defacing church property and one guy was on the ground while the other guy was kicking him. We all had a good laugh. It turns out that someone she used to work with on the force was someone we knew. We talked a bit about that and then I asked her if we could use her in the video. She has 2 or 3 frames in there. It was pretty funny.

At least people care and did something about what they thought they saw.

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