Sunday, May 20, 2007

Flipside Generosity...

Our high school youth ministry is called Flipside. This is mainly for those who are a part of it, but feel free to take a sneek peek inside. You can also respond as well.

Those of you who attend Flipside know that Brian has been taking us through matters of the heart. The DTL - define the line - having conversations about how we plan to live our lives in purity and most recently about generosity.
We have the opportunity to make an impact on the world. An impact both here we we live and far away. Imagine if we were a youth ministry known for its generosity. Imagine if we were a youth ministry known for its sacrificial giving! That would be AWEsome!

As you have also heard: Kynzi, Grace, Kaylee and Karston are all on a mission of making an impact in a village in Burkina Faso west Africa! They are raising money to build a well for a village there. 1 out of every 3 people in Africa die before the age of 10 because they have to drink dirty water. This will physically change the lives of the people in this village. Yes, there are other things that could cause death, like anywhere else, but this is something they are doing. IT WILL MAKE A LIFE CHANGING IMPACT on many people!

That inspires me...

Does it you?

You can give money to help build this well and take care of filters for families. I understand it to be around $1200 to build this and then $60 a home for the filters. Today we brought in over $350!!! The kids have already brought in over $500 and have at least another $200 on the way. We are almost there! It's not too late to give. We will have an offering "bucket" at the front of the room for several weeks.

Let's make an impact together.

You also heard that you could support Project 132. You can check out more info on this at Copy and paste that into your url above. Then check out the videos and the info sheet with all the stuff you can donate to this great cause. You will also be able to get more info on this at this week!

If you are not able to be there (perhaps you live far away) you can drop me a not and let me know that you want to give and you can send a check or put money into my paypal account. Let me know and I will give you the info you need!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Youtube Contest for Youth Quake 07

Every summer we do a middle school service project camp called Youth Quake. I absolutely LOVE this camp! It's truly amazing to see middle school students "get it." When they suddenly realize that God can actually use them, it's amazing! So I am putting together a competition for middle schooler to make some money towards their registration. (NiNETY BUCKS!!!) This is the website you need to go to if you want to enter into the competition. All the rules and what you need to do are posted here:

Monday, May 07, 2007

Amazing Race Charla and Mirna's Accents!

Did you watch the Amazing Race? Congrats Eric and Danielle. Did it drive anyone else CRAZY listening to Charla and Mirna use the same EXACT accent in EVERY country? I captured this moment on here. Thought you might enjoy. Uhhhhgggggg! It drove me nuts!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I think I saw Hulk Hogan

Today we went to go Letterboxing with our friends and their kids. Do you know what that is? It's like geocaching (hunting for "treasures" using a gps unit). So letterboxing is where you go online to a place like Then you get a clue as to where to look and you begin the hunt. Some have stories to go along with it and others make you find a spot and then take steps and use a compass, etc. There are really easy ones and harder ones.

So we went letterboxing. The problem is the 2 that we went searching for were not there. When you find it they are usually in a plastic bag or a box. In them there is a stamp that you stamp your book and then you sign your name. When you get home you get online and report your findings. Sometimes there are little trinkets and you trade in another little trinket.

For us...we came up empty. Both sites offered nothing for us. What a bummer. But we had a fun afternoon anyhow.

Back up a few hours...before we went we were at church and then we headed to Costco for a yummy, delicious, nutritious lunch. Polish sausage...mmmm. While I was sitting there talking to Steve I think I may have seen Hulk Hogan. Steve is in the forground of this pic and then you can see Hulk. You make the call.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

American Idol Songwriter Reject!

I put myself out there. I spent TEN bucks and wrote and recorded a song. But I got no love. Bummer. I was kinda hoping that just maybe I would make the top 20. There are some good songs on there, but I was hoping. Of course, I did not put tons of time into it. Oh well. Maybe next year. Maybe next year you will hear my song sung in the american idol finale and on the radio in the number 1 spot. We'll see. I will have to spend more time this year crafting it. I was really hoping that Blake would do my song! (as he is gonna win it!) I guess melinda could've sung it too, but I prefer Blake.

I'm so glad there's always next year.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Almost a Double Sweep?!

Two weekends ago the Red Sox swept the Yankees. This past weekend when I was in New York and there was almost a repeat! Friday night the Red Sox beat them 11-4, the Sox took a minor hit Saturday with a 1-3 loss. Then there was the very nice 7-4 final game. This leaves the Red Sox in first place and the Yankees in LAST! 6 1/2 games behind! Can you tell what team I love and what team I DON'T love? haha.

I did listen to almost all of the games on the radio when I was in New York, far out in the middle of nowhere. Now, I realize it is early in the season...but, hey. I gotta celebrate when I can, right? And let's hope I can celebrate all year long.

Enjoy a few of these pics. The sweeping one I did myself.


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