Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Almost a Double Sweep?!

Two weekends ago the Red Sox swept the Yankees. This past weekend when I was in New York and there was almost a repeat! Friday night the Red Sox beat them 11-4, the Sox took a minor hit Saturday with a 1-3 loss. Then there was the very nice 7-4 final game. This leaves the Red Sox in first place and the Yankees in LAST! 6 1/2 games behind! Can you tell what team I love and what team I DON'T love? haha.

I did listen to almost all of the games on the radio when I was in New York, far out in the middle of nowhere. Now, I realize it is early in the season...but, hey. I gotta celebrate when I can, right? And let's hope I can celebrate all year long.

Enjoy a few of these pics. The sweeping one I did myself.


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