Saturday, November 21, 2009

2012...End of the World?

I just got back from seeing 2012 with my friend Steve. It was a classic "end of the world" movie. Amazing graphics; story based on Mayan calendar; over the top moments all the way along. It was an interesting flick. What caused me to want to blog about it was the fact that there were moments throughout the movie that people dealt with broken relationships. this was dealt with because of the realization that their lives would likely be done soon.

We so often take for granted our closest loved ones. We let our time be filled with unimportant things. Well, things in the grand scheme of life that are unimportant. What is important is family, loved ones, others. Not work. Not entertainment. Not technology. Nothing. Knowing this is true does not seem to stop it. I know I allow life to get in the way. I don't want to. I need to spend time with my wife and my kids, with good friends. I need to make moments. I need to take opportunities. I need to make memorable moments.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Green...Ted Dekkers latest offering

Recently I read Green by Ted Dekker. It's called book Zero. According to Dekker you can read this final book in the Circle trilogy. Which is ironic as this is the fourth book and there are some other books that are connected to these books as well. Confusion aside, Dekker is an amazing storyteller. Quite possibly my favorite author in this fantasy genre. I recommend his books, although some of them can be a bit dark, this one included.

It is good to recall all the familiar characters from the other books, as it has been a while since I read them. It took a little reading before I felt like I was totally sucked in, but by page 100 or so there was no turning back. Gripping story. Excellent character development. Mind bending thought process. Reality jumping. This book was hard to put down. Of the Circle books, this is easily the darkest. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it is interesting.

I would personally recommend reading this one last. I think that if you don't you will miss out on some of the great character development there is when you read the rest. It is a bit frustrating at the end as there is no real resolution, but perhaps there is some genius there? I don't know.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

OK, Maybe I Should Quit

After reading this story
I have begun to rethink my eating competitions. Not that I enter real ones. They are with friends or my brother. Sometimes the competition is with the restaurant that charges me so much for their all you can eat meal. I want to walk away feeling like I got my money's worth and then some. It makes me feel like "I'm stickin' it to the man." or something like that. Haha.

After reading this you may feel like you should pass judgment on me. Please don't. You may envy me. Please don't. You may look at me in awe and wonder the next time you see me. Please feel free to. A few years ago I went to Red Lobster for their Shrimp Lovers Fest and beat my friend Matt by eating 153 shrimp. He actually was ahead at 152 and I had 151, but our server asked me who won and then she walked back and gave me 2 more on the way out. Todai's has held several eating fests for me (FREE on my birthday) 36 crab legs, 54 shrimp, 18 lobster tails (small) and 5 crepes. Not too bad. I once had a 5 patty, bacon, cheese, egg burger at Johnny Rockets. When they came out with it 4 or 5 staff came including the manager with a camera. No one had ever ordered that. I know. I was shocked too. It was in the picture they had on the table (showing you all the things you could do to make it your way). I definitely met with the Comcast people after that one! (sorry)

The creme de le creme happened this past week when I was on vacation in South Carolina with my family. We went to a Crab Shack and my brother, sister and brother in law each got the all you can eat snow crab legs. Wes taped out at 36, Nina made it to 60 (wtg sis) and my brother hit 95 and then went to the bathroom. While he was in there they came out with the last pail of legs and I plowed through some more and got to 103! My brother said he was done as he fell too far behind. I hold the crown! Yes, I am proud. Give me my moment would ya?

I know that these are few and far between, but I got scared when I read about the potential bursting of your stomach and all the other potential issues. Maybe I should slow down at the buffets. Typically I eat pretty healthy. Red Robin always delivers me a chicken Caesar salad with the Caesar on the side and no cheese. Every time. I don't know. Perhaps this will have only a momentary affect on me. I am pretty good at forgetting things. This story will probably soon be forgotten too.
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