Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Crazy hoops

This has been around a while, but you are not gonna believe it! I love stories like this. Why does it always affect my allergies though?

Welcome Home Flea Bag

So we got in at 12:30AM this morning! Visiting the East Coast for a few weeks. Spent some time in each of the Carolinas visiting family and then off to New York to speak at a camp. All things went great, I may post a little about it later, but we got home pretty late and it was Karston's birthday this morning. We had some shopping to do and we open gifts first thing in the morning.

So Jeanne-Ann goes out and shops at Wal-Mart after we get home! Our body clocks are on East Coast time so she got home at 5AM EST!!!

Well, it turns out Kenya got fleas and deposited them in our home! Grrrr. We were running from hallway to the bed so we wouldn't get any on us. Nasty! Some welcome home, huh?

So, needless to say we bombed the house today to get rid of the buggers. Looks like a few made it through the fog. Hope it is just an incubation thing and they die overnight.

It's pretty nasty looking down on your leg and seeing four or five fleas just hanging out there. My method is to pinch them between my fingers and take them to the drain. You can't kill them with the pinch method. You have to get them between two fingernails and pinch till you hear a pop. They are very resilient.

I can feel them all over my body right now. Can't you? Oohh..what's that on your leg?
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