Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Deal or No Deal Round ONE

The first round is over. Tonight was the middle schoolers turn and the team did an amazing job putting everything together. The staging, the set up of the cases, the booth for the banker, commercials, sound effects and theme music. They did AWEsome!!!

The top amount was $250! The first girl went home with $75. Then came the second girl. She was smoking on nknocking down the bottom dollar amounts. It came down to the top 2 dollar amounts ($175 & $250). She said no deal with $210 offer. She had the $250 case and went home with it! AMAZING!!!!!! The case u see here is the number that was the big winner tonight.

The place went nuts. There were a TON of students there (way more than normal). Students brought their friends like crazy. It was sooo cool.

I will post pics and maybe some video clips after the Saturday event for the high schoolers.

Are you a high schooler in the Salem area? Wanna go Saturday night? Show up from 6-8PM. It will be a blast. Anyone has a chance to get into the game and they also have extra cases that are randomly given away with cool prizes inside.

I was planning on using a bald cap, but it was sooo lame I couldn't do it. so...well, you will have to wait for the pics after the Saturday event. ;)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Nasty Memory

Last year I took a trip to Burkina Faso and Mali, West Africa. I was there to retell stories on video to show at our life conference this summer ( I was just reminded of a story that I think I had tried to suppress. Some friends were just there for a visit and they were told this story and passed it on to me.

So the story…

We were at an outdoor “restaurant” out in the bush and we had ordered some sort of steak and fries. I was really hungry and it tasted very good! Karen, one of the missionaries, said hers was very tough and she didn’t eat it. I loved mine. I was still hungry so I snuck the rest of Karen’s steak. I knew she wasn’t going to finish it. I then told her that it didn’t taste so tough to me.

Three days later Larry, Karen’s husband, let me in on a little secret. Karen had chewed her steak as much as she could and got the juices out. I guess she chewed the whole thing and then I chewed it and finished it. She saw me eat it and felt really bad and didn’t want to tell me.

They told my friends this story when they went over there and now everyone has had a god laugh at my nasty experience!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Deal or No Deal

This Wednesday and Saturday I am going to play the part of Howie in an event at our church "Deal or No Deal." They will be having a bunch of commercials and fun give-aways. They will be doing the lucky case winner part and give prizes to different sections in the audience.

Now they won't be giving away $1,000,000, but they will have $250 up for winning. It should be pretty cool. I am working on my Howie impressions and got the pound the knuckles, no handshake down so far.

I got a bald wig on its way. I think I will look something like this... I really that good looking? haha.

I thought I'd drop in the game here too. Enjoy!
I'll let you know how it goes. I will also post some pics and maybe some video.

Deal or no Deal

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