Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who I Am Not

Today I filled in for my son's baseball team as the behind the plate umpire. It was the second time ever and the first was just a few days ago. I reluctantly agreed to be a back-up ump if the other 2 guys couldn't do it. I had never umped, I had no desire for it, but parents were not saying yes, so I did. I love helping others, so that is not the issue. On my first go around I knew the other teams' coach. He and his wife are friends and my wife had mentioned I was not excited about it, so they said they would go easy on me. Actually my friend walked over and pretended to hand me $20. Pretty funny. It was fine. There were a couple of calls I just asked the infield ump to make. I didn't realize how taxing it would be on my legs, squatting down like that for 2 ours! Killer!

So then came this game. Jeanne-Ann called me and said that the coach needed me. I was getting there right as the game was starting, but the other guy was stuck in traffic in Portland. They needed me. I guess the second ump can only do the outfield because of his legs. Ugh! So I rushed over there and arrived 5 minutes before game time. There was only cruddy gear left and no clicker to keep track of strikes, balls and outs.

I got there in time for the game. Did I mention I do not like this job? So anyhow, the game started. It was going fine for the first 2 innings. Then there were a few calls people didn't like (because I guess they can see better from the sides on the bleachers behind the fence than I can from right behind the plate or something...OK, I'm sorry for a momentary fall into sarcasm) Then all of a sudden the coach from our team yelled for his catcher to touch the bag. The catcher didn't really understand and I had no clue why he was doing it. I was confused. Was it for the runner that crossed the plate 1 minute ago or the guy on third who started towards home but went back? I guess the coach thought the runner never touched the base He did. Well, that got parents on the other team to get upset. One parent kept yelling a lot of trash so I looked at him and said enough and he kind of gave me the "OK, sorry." motion. That lead to a bunch of moms saying, "Did he just say something? I think he said something. What did he say? Was he yelling at our people? Blah, blah, blah, blah." I almost turned to them and told them, "Yes, in fact I did say something. Now I am going to say something to you too. I have the power to eject you from this field, so trap it!" But I bit my tongue and said nothing.

I do not do well with adults yelling at a kids game in a way that is completely childish...even younger mindset than those on the field. I also do not do well with being yelled at myself, or people making under their breath comments about me or "my job." It is extremely draining for me. There are some who are well designed for this kind of role, but it is not me. I am the positivity guy. I like making people smile and helping them find joy in situations. I do not like anger, yelling or mean words...especially when they are directed at me.

I have made it clear that I do not like this role, but I volunteered and will continue to do so as needed. I will not sign up for this role in the future though. My heart and my legs just can't handle it. A baseball umpire is who I am not. Perhaps I need to be a cheerleader instead...if only I could fit into those ski...never mind!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Want to Buy an AWEsome Handknit Hat? And Support our Adoption at the Same Time?

My mom has been knitting these hats for us. It started with just some normal Norwegian designs. Then she put some letters that happened to match with some colors that may or may not look like some schools you may have heard of. If they match up, they match up. Colors and letters are just that...colors and letters. Anyhow, if you are interested in a hat we would love to sell you one. They are $25 and if you want us to ship them to you add another $5 to it. Also, if you have a specific color and a different letter than what you see in the following pictures, add $5 and I am pretty sure we can accommodate you.

Remember: they are hand knit and made to order so it may take a few weeks before we can get them out to you. My mom has to get the colors, knit it and send it to us so we can get it to you. Also, please be specific on what you want it to look like. If you want tassels or pompom make that very clear.

So, if you want one, either send me a message on facebook, email me or comment here with EXACTLY what you want and how many and I will put the order in with my mom. Of course if you need me to mail it to you add $5 for shipping. Thanx!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cops Stopped Me...Geocaching Premium Style

As you may have read I got a GPS unit for my birthday and a premium membership to One of the coolest things about it is that I can get an email alert as soon as a new cache is posted. The other night I went out and got my first one. I was super excited. (I know I am geeking out on you, especially if you don't get geocaching). It was placed less than a mile from where I live. It was part of a 4 cache find that gives you clues to a final destination. I have found 3 of 4. These guys are super clever with how they hide their caches. The last one I have been back to 7 times now. It's killing me.

What is really funny is that someone called the cops on me. I saw the cop coming down the road and I thought, "I bet he is going to stop and talk to me." He did. I told him what I was doing and he said that he got a call that I was using a screwdriver to open an electrical box on a telephone pole. A) it is a non-functioning pole, B) I was using my iPhone to upload live video for my dad (who is a veteran geocacher) to help me try and figure this one out. I actually got the cop on video too. Pretty funny. That's what the fist video below is. I didn't want to be super obvious and point the phone at his face the whole time, but I got a few shots in. The rest is just searching at the pole, so after 2 minutes or so it's pretty boring.

If you have an iPhone, Android or Windows mobile or pretty much any smart phone yu can get an app for about $10, It's super easy and VERY cheap when you consider it's not an actual GPS unit. Below is a video that explains all about geocaching. Let me know if you decide you want to jump into the geocaching world. A fun little worldwide treasure hunt!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthday Update

My birthday came and went. I know some of you are curious as to how I did on my wish list, so I will tell you...I did pretty well.

I got the batman belt buckle, but the sent us the wrong one, so back to the post it goes.

 My parents really surprised me with a GPS unit. They had an organ in their garage they don't use anymore and someone they knew had the GPS and they traded! It is awesome! They also got me a premium membership to There are several benefits to this, but my favorite is getting an email as soon as a new cache has been posted. In the geocaching world being the first to find is a "big deal."
I also got the iBend. Now I can put my iPhone sideways on the iBend and watch a movie. It's pretty cool.
 The big gift from Jeanne-Ann and the kids was a mountain bike! It's from a real bike shop. I will have to post some pics later, but it is an AWEsome bike! I guess I can't say no to the bike ride to Newberg with Steve, Steve and Brian! Ugh. haha. It's OK. I am in the VERY beginning of training for a half marathon, so I should be OK by the time we take this ride. Anyone want to join us?

I also got some donations towards our adoption...that is an ongoing one, so feel free to click on the donate button on my website

I did not get the iPad, so if you are still interested in setting me up, the one with 3G comes out at the end of the month. I played with one at the Mac store the other day and it is VERY cool! And typing on it is super easy too.

Crazy Ways the Word Gets Out on Adoption

Sometimes it's just through someone you know or someone at your church, etc. BUT every now and then adoption catches the attention of others in a crazy way. Chances are you have seen Carlos Whiteaker's video "All the Single Ladies." If you haven't check it out here.

Well, I am not sure exactly who saw it first, but Perez Hilton (a celebrity blogger) put it on his website and it just caught on after that. Every morning talk show had them on, interviewed them and showed the video as did Jimmy Kimmel and many others. The cool thing is that Carlos and his family got to promote adoption.

Then there was the sale of a limited edition of Calipari's Whiskey (he is the coach for University of Kentucky) and my sister Nina and brother-in-law Wes got a hold of one and then scored an autograph too. Well, while they were in line to get the autograph they ended up catching the eye of TWO news stations and got interviewed. Then there was a local news station that came to their home today and did this interview:

Read the interview here.

After you click the link you can see the video. It would be cool if you left a comment there too!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Birthday Wishes...Just in Case You Were Curious

Here is a list:
It's the iBend, which acts as a holder for your iPhone so you can watch movies, etc.
More info here.
A Batman belt buckle. This is my favorite, but any version would be cool except the one with the yellow surrounding it. One place you can find it is here, but you can google it to find it in lots of places.
The Oregon Garmin 300 is WAY cool. I am a bi fan of geocaching and would love to have a unit like this. I do use my iPhone, but it can sometimes be a hassle if I am in the woods where there is no coverage. This is pricey, but if you have the $$$ and want to hook me up. :) You can find it here or other places too.
A premium membership to would be way cool. It enables me to find some caches that I normally wouldn't be able to and I get alerts when a new cache is put out and have a better chance to be "the first to find." (which is a "big" deal in the geocaching world)

I know what you are saying, "Isn't this really an iPhone minus the phone and the camera, just bigger?" Yes? But I don't care. I want one!

A remote controlled airplane. Just cuz it would be fun. 

Some sort of great zoom lens for my Canon Rebel.

Any gifts towards helping to bring home my son and daughter from Ethiopia would be amazing!
Just click on the Paypal donate button on the side of this blog or on the how can you help section of

Monday, April 05, 2010

April Fools Antics

Today was a fun one. I gotta tell ya I am proud. My wife is the master "fooler" who always gets the rest of the family. A little gift she inherited from her dad. Well this morning as we were getting ready, I looked at my watch and said, "Aren't you supposed to be at work early today?" "What time is it?" "Almost 8." She ran out to look at her clock by her bed and said, "My stupid watch keeps dieing!" Ahahahha! She jumped in the car and got to the end of the road when she looked at the car clock. I had even changed the time on her phone, the giant wall clock and the microwave and oven. It wasn't major, but enough to give me some joy.

I left for work and Kynzi called me later to tell me she didn't finish her chores because she had done some stuff to get her mother. I told her I was proud of her. She was so excited!

When I got to work I saw Mike had some saran wrap around his footstool. I said, "Nice saran wrap job." or something like that. He chuckled and I walked into my office to find this:

It says "Love Boda" on it and there was this:

coming out of his office and this:

on his desk.

Too obvious? Or too overtly "I will make it look like it was me to make it look like it wasn't me to make you think it was me...or not me" Dennis is the prankster in the office and the quiet unassuming one. So it could quite possibly be him. He also sent me a picture of my office with Krista in the picture. Trying to throw me off his trail? Or did he bust Krista and Boda? Hmmmm. Then there is Mike. He LOVES a good practical joke. And he did that lame attempt with his office. Sooo many culprits. The only one I am pretty sure of that it wasn't is Lisa. But then again she did put up a Beaver sign in my office right before I went to the civil war game last year. Anyhow, Dennis and I then proceeded to dip all of Krista's pens in glue so she couldn't write with them (this was after she left) I sat outside in the back of the building waiting for her to leave, but she ended up talking to Jen for forever! So we (Dennis and I) had little time to do anything great. A few other things and I had to go. (I hope she doesn't read this).

This evening ended up being filled with more fun. Our dear friends Josh and Becca were over and while the kids were distracted Jeanne-Ann put ice in their beds (mistake). Karston decided to turn on revenge mode. He put a whole bunch of clothes in the sink and soaked them and then put them in our bed, under and on top of the covers. I slept on the couch and Jeanne-Ann slept in with Kynzi. You can also see the leftovers from the saran wrap and fake poop he put over the toilet.

Then there were a few I saw online. Did you hear Google changed it's name to Topeka? Check it out here:

Also, Starbucks is now offering 2 more sizes. A super small size and a 2 handed 128 ounce size! Look at it here:
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