Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crazy Ways the Word Gets Out on Adoption

Sometimes it's just through someone you know or someone at your church, etc. BUT every now and then adoption catches the attention of others in a crazy way. Chances are you have seen Carlos Whiteaker's video "All the Single Ladies." If you haven't check it out here.

Well, I am not sure exactly who saw it first, but Perez Hilton (a celebrity blogger) put it on his website and it just caught on after that. Every morning talk show had them on, interviewed them and showed the video as did Jimmy Kimmel and many others. The cool thing is that Carlos and his family got to promote adoption.

Then there was the sale of a limited edition of Calipari's Whiskey (he is the coach for University of Kentucky) and my sister Nina and brother-in-law Wes got a hold of one and then scored an autograph too. Well, while they were in line to get the autograph they ended up catching the eye of TWO news stations and got interviewed. Then there was a local news station that came to their home today and did this interview:

Read the interview here.

After you click the link you can see the video. It would be cool if you left a comment there too!

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Anonymous said...

"I'm a horrible father." - That is funny.

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