Thursday, April 08, 2010

Birthday Wishes...Just in Case You Were Curious

Here is a list:
It's the iBend, which acts as a holder for your iPhone so you can watch movies, etc.
More info here.
A Batman belt buckle. This is my favorite, but any version would be cool except the one with the yellow surrounding it. One place you can find it is here, but you can google it to find it in lots of places.
The Oregon Garmin 300 is WAY cool. I am a bi fan of geocaching and would love to have a unit like this. I do use my iPhone, but it can sometimes be a hassle if I am in the woods where there is no coverage. This is pricey, but if you have the $$$ and want to hook me up. :) You can find it here or other places too.
A premium membership to would be way cool. It enables me to find some caches that I normally wouldn't be able to and I get alerts when a new cache is put out and have a better chance to be "the first to find." (which is a "big" deal in the geocaching world)

I know what you are saying, "Isn't this really an iPhone minus the phone and the camera, just bigger?" Yes? But I don't care. I want one!

A remote controlled airplane. Just cuz it would be fun. 

Some sort of great zoom lens for my Canon Rebel.

Any gifts towards helping to bring home my son and daughter from Ethiopia would be amazing!
Just click on the Paypal donate button on the side of this blog or on the how can you help section of

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