Monday, April 05, 2010

April Fools Antics

Today was a fun one. I gotta tell ya I am proud. My wife is the master "fooler" who always gets the rest of the family. A little gift she inherited from her dad. Well this morning as we were getting ready, I looked at my watch and said, "Aren't you supposed to be at work early today?" "What time is it?" "Almost 8." She ran out to look at her clock by her bed and said, "My stupid watch keeps dieing!" Ahahahha! She jumped in the car and got to the end of the road when she looked at the car clock. I had even changed the time on her phone, the giant wall clock and the microwave and oven. It wasn't major, but enough to give me some joy.

I left for work and Kynzi called me later to tell me she didn't finish her chores because she had done some stuff to get her mother. I told her I was proud of her. She was so excited!

When I got to work I saw Mike had some saran wrap around his footstool. I said, "Nice saran wrap job." or something like that. He chuckled and I walked into my office to find this:

It says "Love Boda" on it and there was this:

coming out of his office and this:

on his desk.

Too obvious? Or too overtly "I will make it look like it was me to make it look like it wasn't me to make you think it was me...or not me" Dennis is the prankster in the office and the quiet unassuming one. So it could quite possibly be him. He also sent me a picture of my office with Krista in the picture. Trying to throw me off his trail? Or did he bust Krista and Boda? Hmmmm. Then there is Mike. He LOVES a good practical joke. And he did that lame attempt with his office. Sooo many culprits. The only one I am pretty sure of that it wasn't is Lisa. But then again she did put up a Beaver sign in my office right before I went to the civil war game last year. Anyhow, Dennis and I then proceeded to dip all of Krista's pens in glue so she couldn't write with them (this was after she left) I sat outside in the back of the building waiting for her to leave, but she ended up talking to Jen for forever! So we (Dennis and I) had little time to do anything great. A few other things and I had to go. (I hope she doesn't read this).

This evening ended up being filled with more fun. Our dear friends Josh and Becca were over and while the kids were distracted Jeanne-Ann put ice in their beds (mistake). Karston decided to turn on revenge mode. He put a whole bunch of clothes in the sink and soaked them and then put them in our bed, under and on top of the covers. I slept on the couch and Jeanne-Ann slept in with Kynzi. You can also see the leftovers from the saran wrap and fake poop he put over the toilet.

Then there were a few I saw online. Did you hear Google changed it's name to Topeka? Check it out here:

Also, Starbucks is now offering 2 more sizes. A super small size and a 2 handed 128 ounce size! Look at it here:

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