Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our 2nd Home Study Visit

On Tuesday Ryan, our social worker, came to our home. This was the "check up on the things we needed to get done" and "tell you what your trip to Ethiopia will be like" conversation. He has 3 adopted kids, 1 from Russia and 2 from Ethiopia so he has some experience with this. We were hoping to get more answers about the second trip that we have to take, but didn't get a lot. (because he doesn't know) We know that we have to go for the court appointment. That will come after we get our home study stuff returned and our dossier sent in (that's all the other paper work). After those things are taken care of we wait for our referral. Once we get the referral and we make our decision we then wait for the court appointment. Make sense? :)

So, we also learned a lot about our final trip when we actually get to go and pick up our kids and bring them home. That was fun to talk about. Our flight will arrive at night and there will be a meal waiting for us. Then we can see the kids in the mornings and the afternoons. They recommend that we take a day trip to visit the village that they kids are from. That way we have a little info and insight we can give them in the future about where they came from. We have meetings at the Embassy and at the end of the week we take our kids home! Crazy!

Ryan did tell us that most likely our kids would have some sort of disease like scabies. His kid had major diarrhea on the plane home and it was a terrible mess...and he had no change of clothes for himself. Ewwww. We now know.

So if things go "normally" we will maybe potentially possibly take a trip in Januaryishlike? and then back 6-8 weeks after that to bring our kids home. Now that is a VERY rough guess. There are sooo many factors that weigh in on what happens. There is a ton of waiting on different parts to work, etc. It's possible we could have our kids home by Christmas and it's possible it could be next summer. Who knows? God does...that's it.

It's a crazy fun journey and we REALLY appreciate your prayers! Thanx sooo much for that.

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