Sunday, March 14, 2010


Last night Jeanne-Ann and I went out on a date. As part of that date we went to see Dear John at the movies. It was kinda boring to be honest. Jeanne-Ann sobbed through a fair amount of it, but I really did not connect with the characters or the story very well. No, it's not because I am a guy, I am easily pushed to tears at movies. I tend to allow myself to fully dive into stories that are woven before me. Not in this one. Anyhow, after the movie there was a board promoting this movie Babies. Babies is a movie that is coming out on Mother's Day and follows the lives of 4 babies. It is in the same storytelling art as March of the Penguins. Ummm...that does not draw me in, but reading the board actually caused some welling in my eyeholes. Could be worth a trip to Costco to get discount movie tickets. We will see.


Bex said...

LOVE THIS! So weird just came on my Google Reader this morning (the 18th!). Hmmm. Josh saw a movie on Monday afternoon and came home so stoked about this new movie. Such a cute idea!!!

erik w/a "k" said... mystery!
I do love the concept. I was horribly bored by March of the Penguins though. I think this is more enticing.

Bex said...

Real life babies are always more exciting. :-)

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