Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthday Update

My birthday came and went. I know some of you are curious as to how I did on my wish list, so I will tell you...I did pretty well.

I got the batman belt buckle, but the sent us the wrong one, so back to the post it goes.

 My parents really surprised me with a GPS unit. They had an organ in their garage they don't use anymore and someone they knew had the GPS and they traded! It is awesome! They also got me a premium membership to There are several benefits to this, but my favorite is getting an email as soon as a new cache has been posted. In the geocaching world being the first to find is a "big deal."
I also got the iBend. Now I can put my iPhone sideways on the iBend and watch a movie. It's pretty cool.
 The big gift from Jeanne-Ann and the kids was a mountain bike! It's from a real bike shop. I will have to post some pics later, but it is an AWEsome bike! I guess I can't say no to the bike ride to Newberg with Steve, Steve and Brian! Ugh. haha. It's OK. I am in the VERY beginning of training for a half marathon, so I should be OK by the time we take this ride. Anyone want to join us?

I also got some donations towards our adoption...that is an ongoing one, so feel free to click on the donate button on my website

I did not get the iPad, so if you are still interested in setting me up, the one with 3G comes out at the end of the month. I played with one at the Mac store the other day and it is VERY cool! And typing on it is super easy too.


Bex said...

NICE! You made out with some good loot! Happy Belated!

P.S. How is the USCIS process going!?

erik w/a "k" said...

Thanx Bex. It's going great. May 17 for our fingerprints.

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