Sunday, May 06, 2007

I think I saw Hulk Hogan

Today we went to go Letterboxing with our friends and their kids. Do you know what that is? It's like geocaching (hunting for "treasures" using a gps unit). So letterboxing is where you go online to a place like Then you get a clue as to where to look and you begin the hunt. Some have stories to go along with it and others make you find a spot and then take steps and use a compass, etc. There are really easy ones and harder ones.

So we went letterboxing. The problem is the 2 that we went searching for were not there. When you find it they are usually in a plastic bag or a box. In them there is a stamp that you stamp your book and then you sign your name. When you get home you get online and report your findings. Sometimes there are little trinkets and you trade in another little trinket.

For us...we came up empty. Both sites offered nothing for us. What a bummer. But we had a fun afternoon anyhow.

Back up a few hours...before we went we were at church and then we headed to Costco for a yummy, delicious, nutritious lunch. Polish sausage...mmmm. While I was sitting there talking to Steve I think I may have seen Hulk Hogan. Steve is in the forground of this pic and then you can see Hulk. You make the call.

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