Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Teammate

Today was Mike's first day on the job. Mike is my new administrative assistant! I can't believe it has actually happened. After doing a bunch of interviews with several different people; struggling with making a final decision, as we had some great people; hating the "I'm sorry" moments to those we had to say no to; wading through the process right before DYC, our biggest event of the year; we finally did it.

Mike Labrum was/is the youth pastor at Mosaic church in Portland and was ready for a change as he was coming to the end of his 2 year process there. I say was/is because he will continue on volunteering there even after they hire a new person for that role.

Mike is a very techie guy and has a Mac and iPhone...that in itself could almost be enough for me...haha. My biggest struggle with my job is taking care of my receipts. Even during the interview process he said, "Oh, there's an app for that for your phone!" Wow! He is going to do great with the administration stuff AND he is a creative guy.

I am so excited to finally fill that spot and get rolling with it. Welcome Mike!

ps. don't judge a book...

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