Monday, August 16, 2010

Street Party

National Night Out is a great idea. Basically you shut down your street and everyone in the neighborhood gets together for a BBQ and hang out time. Our street only has four homes on it and we don't necessarily hold to National Night Out. We have begun to celebrate the end of the school year by doing a street party at the beginning of the summer and one near the end of the summer.

Each party has similar elements to it. We all gather outside of our house where we have a hammerhead turnaround. Then we sit and chat while the kids play. Ben or I fire up the grill and dinner is served. We all bring different things and get full on all sorts of goodies. The evening highlight is always the "talent show." The kids put together a show for the adults. Some of the talent includes lip-syncing, dancing, skits, "commercials," and choreographed martial arts. Some of the bits are put together moments before they happen, but there are also some that have been rehearsed for weeks beforehand.

I love this annual celebration. It's such a fun way to start and end the summer. We have great neighbors and not everyone knows their neighbors. I am thankful God has placed us on this street with these people. The boys next door are such a huge part of our kids' lives and make summer fun. It would be hard if Kynzi and Karston were the only kids on this street. Of course, there will be 2 more kids on this street for next years' celebrations!!
 This year the boys did a "fashion" show.
Kynzi sat down with Alexis, the youngest and newest member of our street family.


Bex said...

I love this! I so wish we had this going on in our neighborhood block. I guess we could take a bit more initiative with it. Anyway, this is fabulous and I love that you have built such community with the families living on your street... and that you referred to them as your "street family", that's awesome. How fun for your two babies to grow up with this, too. Way to go! If we had 10 year plans here and a house on your street went up for sale....:-)

erik w/a "k" said...

Oh man! Don't tempt me. I know some people...I can get one of these houses open. :) Plus, your plans may not be 10 years, but perhaps God has 10 years for you on our street!

Angela said...

How fun! If we had a street party it would pretty much just be the Ditchen's! :)
( We live in the sticks) Our friends just invited us to their block party and it was a blast!

Chrystal said...

our street does a summer smore' party.. but that happened to be the same night as Denni's wedding so we missed it. shucks. :(

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