Friday, August 06, 2010

Happy Anniversary Baby!

Today Jeanne-Ann and I celebrate 16 years of marriage! Can you believe it? Wow. 21 years ago I remember my heart pounding a little faster when I would see Jeanne-Ann walking into the chapel at college. They were the pretty girls who were stuck up (in my mind) and I would never know. As it turned out they were not stuck up, they were just shy so they kept to themselves.

I started hanging out with them and as it turned out Jeanne-Ann and I clicked really well. Her friends set us up on "Get Your Roommate a Date" night. Jeanne-Ann "stood me up" because she had basketball practice. We went out another time and it was wonderful. She went home for Christmas break and told her friends and family that she had met the guy she was going to marry. I wasn't quite there at that point, but I thought she was real pretty and I liked her. :)

Fast forward a few years and we dated four years (with 4 break ups in there...she dumped me each time). I asked her to marry me in front of 200,000 people in downtown Atlanta on New Year's Eve up on the stage. It was pretty awesome!

Fast forward 16 years to today. Today we celebrate our anniversary. Actually we didn't officially celebrate it because I was emceeing a wedding for Kylie and Jay and doing video stuff for them. So we agreed we would celebrate next week. But that brings me to the reason for this post. My bride!

Watching as Kylie and Jay got married and listening to them exchange their vows I was reminded of the many reasons I love Jeanne-Ann. There are so many things about her that just blow me away. I will not recount all of them, but I want to tell you a few things that I love about her.

I love how she loves me.
I love how she loves our children.
I love to laugh with her.
I love how she is the "quiet" one, yet she is the mischievous one.
I love that she cuts my bagels up for me when she buys a new bag of them so I can just toast and enjoy.
I love to sit on the couch with her and enjoy Survivor and the Amazing Race together.
I love having couch time with her.
I love when she calls me randomly during the day.
I love that she wants to pack for me when I go on a trip so she can decide what I should wear.
I love that she loves Jesus.
I love her cooking.
I love how honest she is with me.
I love she makes me a better person.
I love that I don't understand her (even though it frustrates me at times).
I love that she loves to teach.
I love how she cares for kids.
I love how she has a heart for the trouble kids.
I love how she interacts with our kids.
I love that my friends love her.
I love that she doesn't fully get technology.
I love that she keeps trying to figure out technology.
I love that we can sit and not have to talk, but we can also talk a ton too.
I love her.
I really, really love her
With all of my heart.
She is the perfect woman that God "for" me. Thank You God!! You are amazing. You helped me marry up.

Happy anniversary baby! Did I mention I love you?


Bex said...

Okay this was super sweet, Erikkkk. I LOVE how you love your bride. It's been something I have watched and learned from and hoped for from my husband ever since I met you! You always treat her with tenderness, kindness and sincerity. You are one of THE busiest people I know and yet I am so impressed with how you put JA and your kids first and balance your life and ministry so well. This past year spending more time as couples and over at your house has brought so much depth to our relationship and I really love your marriage and the way you to are on each other's team, have each other's back and speak highly of one another. CHEERS to you and JA! May year 17 be your BEST yet.

Tara said...

Congrats friend! You are a blessed man to have such a wonderful wife. Cheers and best wishes!

Jen said...

That was a great post. You and Jeanne-Anne are both awesome!

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