Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Treasure Found in a Garage Sale

I am a slightly above average "eat and drink healthy" guy. I try very hard to stay healthy with my intake. I am not super at it, but I work at it. I don't eat a lot of candy and I rarely drink soda anymore. I stay away from most fast food, although Chipotle, In-n-Out and Chic-fil-A always get me. These are MAJOR changes in my life in the last several years.

This past weekend I went to help a friend pack up the leftovers from their adoption garage sale. As I was packing up Jessica asked me if I wanted to take anything. I saw the Juicer and I was sold. It was the only thing that I took, and that, if you know me, is a miracle. I like to get good deals on things. I am also a sucker for garage sale stuff. Anyhow, I have always wanted a juicer. You can make delicious drinks out of fruits and vegetables.

I have seen the infomercials on these things and have been sucked in for the entire half hour several times. I have also seen them at Costco when they do the demonstrations. They put together the grossest things and then you get to try them and they are amazing...and soooo good for you. I have never felt OK with spending the money for them though. So when the price was free or it's going to Goodwill, I took it.

I have not had the pleasure to try it out yet (that will have to be another posting) but as soon as I do, I will let you know.

What is that thing you have always wanted to get, but haven't for one reason or another?

1 comment:

Chrystal said...

I have always wanted to find a stuffed purple dinosaur with little green spots (most likely stains). But avast, no such luck.

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