Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camping with my son

Tonight Karston and I are in a tent in Champoeg State Park. The plan was for no technology, but I got permission from Karston to quickly write my blog post. And he is helping me with what to write about.

There is a full moon out tonight. It's kind of like a natural nightlight from God. Although Karston just said it IS a natural nightlight. We just finished one of the latest dinners we have ever had together. We grilled steak at 11pm! It was yummy. In the morning we are going to have s'mores for breakfast because it was too late tonight.

We barely got in here. We were going to go somewhere else, but my police officer buddy recommended we didn't camp there. So we came here. It was fully booked but we found the ranger and he let us stay in "overflow" camping. Which is just a spot with some green on it by the parking lot. It's not really a site at all, but close to some other sites.

We had a queen air mattress (there is only some green under us but mostly rocks) but it had 2 holes in it. Luckily we brought the twin mattress too. We are squeezing on it together.

Tomorrow there will be fishing, golf and great conversation. Karston said this is the end of the blog. Time to go to bed. Good night.

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Angela said...

Such a good dad!

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