Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

* Today I was a groomsman in a wedding for Jordan & Tobey and it was amazing. I have not been a groomsman in well over a decade. I have only been performing weddings in those years and have done a ton of them. I love both sides, but it was particularly fun to be a groomsman for this wedding.

* It's been good to have my friends the Daffrons here for the week. I like picking up where I left off with friends who are dear to me.

* I hope I never get too tired or old to dance.

* In one week from tomorrow I will be running in the Hood to Coast. I am super excited about it, but very sad/lacking in motivation since Steve got hurt and won't be running it with me.

* As a staff, we read True Spiritual Community by Larry Crabb and discussed the last part of it at a staff meeting today. It's a really good book!

* Sometimes life throws you curveballs.

* I love my wife!

* I have had headaches for the last 3 days.

* I don't like seeing people get drunk.

* I love when someone who has struggled in their high school years comes back to a place where Jesus is an important person in their life.

* We have been on the waiting list for 6 weeks.

* I'm tired.


Bex said...

I would like to hear the back story on pretty much every single one of these statements. :-)

Happy 6 weeks on the waiting list! How are you feeling!?

I'm grateful that my story includes struggling in high school and coming back to a place where Jesus is the most important person in my life. We serve a redemptive God!

Chrystal said...

maybe you need better glasses :D that would make the headaches stop, and drinking water, and not being on the COMPUTER as much ;)

erik w/a "k" said...

Still feels weird and surreal that we are adopting. But super exciting!

I drink TONS of water...and my eyes are not bad at all. 20/25 and 20/30

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