Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bachelor Party

Several months ago my friend, Jordan, shared with me that he and Tobs had gone back and forth on whether they wanted me to preform the wedding or be a groomsman.  They landed on groomsman. Jordan's reason was that he wanted me to be more a part of the whole experience than just the up front part. I was/am very honored. I have not been a groomsman in something like 15 years or so. It is an absolute blast.

Today was Jordan's bachelor party. It started off early. We went over to Sean's house for crepes and bacon! Amazing! with hot raspberry sauce and cream. YUM. Then we headed out to the coast for some surfing. That is my absolute favorite free time activity, so I am super glad it is something Jordan enjoys as well. It was pretty cloudy in Pacific City, but we had great waves! I love surfing with great friends.

After we finished and got out of the water it was time to have Jordan do some fun stuff. He had to wear leopard print underwear and run up the giant sand dune screaming "I'm getting married" all the way up and down. We then hit the coffee shop where we had previously said, "Don't worry, you won't ever see any of these people again anyhow." Turns out there were some people we knew at the coffee shop. Pretty funny.

We headed back home pretty wiped out from the ocean, but had some fun conversation on the way back. We stopped in to get our tuxedos and then hit Five Guys burgers (one of Jordan's favs). After that we tried to do some bowling. We got our shoes, picked out our bowling balls and then decided not to stay. So we headed out to play some paintball...Jordan was the target and wen hunted him.  (FYI: he was a completely good sport about the whole day and would have been disappointed if we hadn't done anything like we did).

After that we went back to Sean's and had a fire, ate some pizza, played some bachelor party games (which included a mouth full of habeneros), s'mores and good stories. We shared advice and laughed a lot. Obviously when it comes to this kind of a party there is much that can't be shared, but overall it was a very fun and encouraging day. I love spending time with these guys and am thankful I still get to be a part of their lives.

What kinds of things do you like to do with your friends?


Bex said...

Ah, this is so freaking cool. I have to admit getting a tad bit choked up reading about it. Such a special and significant time in life. Jordan is blessed to have you standing next to him and how cool that you are a groomsmen! love it.

Chrystal said...

pfffft, i am still waiting to hear a blog about how stoked you are to be a HUGE part of my wedding.. c'mon

erik w/a "k" said...

Bex...I know! A groomsman! It was amazing.
Chrystal...perhaps it will be after the wedding. ;)

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