Monday, August 23, 2010

Vaca Day 2

Day 2 is pretty much wrapped up. Another great day, with a little more sunscreen than yesterday. Haha. Today we visited some friends who were staying at Thousand Trails in Sun River about 25 minutes away. It was hotter today too. I love the heat. I love the sun! Some days I think I should be living in a bit more tropical part of the world, but I really love Oregon.
 Rodney and I played 18 holes. I was doing great until the "back 9." I totally blew it on hole 11. 8 shots to get the dumb ball to go to its home. "Are you too good for your home?"
 Then we played some horseshoes. I love horseshoes!
 The kids spent some time at the pool during the putt putt game.

 They have a cool little "village" that is in the style of an old cowboy/gunslinger town including a jail.
 Karston makes a perfect "classic" jailer who falls asleep on the job.

 On the way back we passed a cool "lava pit" where you could see this amazing lava rock everywhere.
We then hit the town. Bend has all the typical stores that any town would have (grocery store, book stores, Target, etc.) but it also has these awesome old towne style stores all over. We parked right next to a Lotus and came back to a BMW M3 in it's place.
 Karston petted the animals...
 I found money in this poor guys wallet.
 Good thing, because they have an AMAZING candy store here. I think we may have spent a little too much at this place (not my fult...they had black licorice!)
We concluded our visit to old towne with some yummy pizza. I wish every store had a sign like this. It is so annoying to watch people completely not engage with the people who are serving them when they go to buy something at a store. That should have been on my rant blog. haha.
We headed back to the hotel for a dip in the pool and hot tub and then for evening games. Another great day of vacation. I could do this more often.

Where do you vacation?
What do you love to do while on vacation?
Do you have a dream place to go on vacation that you have never been to yet?


Anonymous said...

You got licorice?? And you did not give any to your mother????

Christy said...

Where did you guys stay?
We love Eagle Crest, our friends have a townhouse and my mother in law has a timeshare there, so it works great for us.

erik w/a "k" said...

We had some points we used to stay at the Red Lion. Pool and free breakfast is pretty nice.

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