Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Still Want a Shirt? Also, win a book!!

We ordered extra shirts for our adoption fundraiser. Want one? They are $25 a piece and if you want me to ship it add an extra $5 for shipping. The key here is that you let me know exactly what color you want and what size you want. If we don't have the size you need we may be ordering more in the near future, but we need enough pre-orders to make it worth it.

The initial order was amazing. Many of you bought shirts from us. We sold almost 150 shirts! Thank you to all of you who jumped in on that and for those who will order now, thank you.

Fund-raising is a weird thing for me. I have never enjoyed it. I don't like asking people for money. I know that God will provide the money we need, I also know that we are doing our part. There are a couple of reasons this has been much easier than anything I have done before to raise money. 1) ALL the proceeds go to helping bring our babies home from Ethiopia (I love you kids...can't wait to meet you!) and 2) It gets the word out about adoption. People have told me that they have worn their shirts and others have asked where they can get them. That's pretty cool.

Send me an email to tell me what size and color you want, then we can work out if you write a check, cash or use paypal.

The sizes we have left are:
XL - 5
L - 4
S - 4
YL - 4

XL - 6
L - 3
M - 4
S - 2

Sidenote: Want to win a free book? Check out Bex's blog. She is giving away a copy of Bittersweet by one of her fav authors. But You gotta get on there by 11PM tonight!

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Angela said...

I keep forgetting to tell you Darrin and our friend love the shirts! They were them all the time!

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