Friday, August 27, 2010

Long day before a long night

I am in the middle of my hood to coast run. We have finished our first major portion. The other van is in their second leg. My first leg was really good. I'm ready for my sleep though.

After the long night of crying my eye hurt. I thought it was from the crying but I woke up and was hardly able to open my eye and it hurt.

I am in a van with a bunch of great people. We are laughing a lot and telling stories. This is my favorite part about this race. It's the people. Actually had a cool convo with a guy on my first leg of the race. He was around 70 years old and passed me after a few minutes. Only one other guy passed me right at the end. I passed 9 people. Felt good.

It's been fun to tell others the story behind why we are called Stumbo's Prayer Warriors. Check out He is a really good writer and has some deep stuff to say.

Ok. Time to sleep. Night. Hello 3 hours or less. Miss you Steve.

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