Thursday, August 26, 2010

Giving Out of Your Pain

Tonight was Lorelei's funeral. What a funeral it was. 2 hours of celebration and stories and laughter and tears. Lorelei knew she was going to die so she took the liberty to set up what she wanted to happen in her funeral.

Can you imagine if you knew you were close to the end of your time on this earth? What would you want in your funeral? It made me think about the day that I go to meet Jesus in Heaven. I know I will not be at my funeral, but there are things I would love at my funeral. That is perhaps for another post.

It's hard to explain what happened at this funeral, so I won't jump into it. I do want to say that there was a piano in the middle of the stage (Lorelei was an amazing pianist) and the only time it was used was when Melissa Seidler (a former student of Lorelei's who is now teaching students of her own) played a piece that Lorelei had requested she do. What I want to share is what happened after at the reception part. This was particularly hard for Kynzi.

We waited to give a hug to the family. Ron saw us and came up and gave Kynzi a huge hug. He then whispered some words to her and seemed to talk to her for quite a while. As he finished he kissed her head and then hugged me. As we embraced he thanked me for being there and I said, "Thank you for that moment with Kynzi." He gave her and me a huge gift when he was in a huge place of loss. He told me that Lorelei would often say that Kynzi reminded her of herself when she was that age. Wow!

After, we talked to Justin and then to Sheena. Both of them told Kynzi how much their mom loved her and how she was often the topic of conversation at the dinner table. My heart is so heavy for them. I ache for their loss and yet here they give to me and to Kynzi. Wow. Ron, Justin and Sheena...I don't know if you will ever understand what a gift you gave to Kynzi with your words and as a result the gift you gave me. Thank you. I love you guys!
This is a picture Kynzi drew during the funeral.

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