Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hood to Coast

I am currently in training for the nations largest relay race. It's 197 miles long. There are 2 vans with 6 runners in each and a driver. We start out at the top of Mt. Hood and end up in Seaside, Oregon. It's crazy intense. And for a guy who two years ago was "morally opposed" to running it is quite the event.

Actually, that's what I love about it...the EVENT. (not the show coming Monday nights on NBC, but I am totally excited about whatever the heck that is). I have discovered that I love the experience of things. For instance, I may not love the food at an ethnic restaurant, but I love the experience of going and trying new things and being with friends and family. That's the case here. I have come to enjoy running, but this is a tough race and it is painful. BUT, I love the experience of what it's all about. I get to spend 46 hours or so with a group of 6 other people and a good chunk of time on the back end of the race with the rest of the team.

When I first ran this race last year I fell in love with the people I raced with. We laughed, we hurt together, we cheered each other on, we just really enjoyed each others company. These people I have a special bond with and will for a long time. Most of them are back again this year and I love that! Our team name is Stumbo's Prayer Warriors. You can read more about that here. The short of it is that our former senior pastor was a major runner and suddenly he fell gravely ill. The doctors didn't really know what it was but his muscles deteriorated and he almost died. He began a long term stay in the hospital and has been on a feeding tube for more than a year and a half. This summer God miraculously healed his throat and he is able to swallow again (something his doctor told him he would never do again) and he is walking and driving too. It's crazy awesome! He has a loooong way to go yet, but he is doing better daily.

All that to say, we came up with the name for our team last year to support him and pray for him and it has given us opportunities to tell people our story. We have shirts and bracelets, etc. I gave out over 40 bracelets to other teams last year. That was a lot of fun.

My team consists of Steve, Kara, Annie, Melissa, and Jaque. Then in the other van is Fred, Linzi, Laura, Jerry, Shannon and Rebecca. I love that I get to hang with these people like this again. Want to see the part I am running? Check it out.  My leg is leg 10, 22 and 34. Not fun legs! But I will love it just the same. I am glad I have Runkeeper on my iPhone to keep track of my runs via GPS. It is really, really helpful to me. It actually motivates me to run. That reminds me..I should go for a run now. Tata.

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SoulFire Student Ministries said...

pray'n for your safety and strength. Have a great time and looking forward to reading your updates!

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