Thursday, August 12, 2010


I told Jeanne-Ann that I was going to blog about a bunch of my rants today and she said that doesn't make any sense. I asked her why she said that. She said that I am a nice and positive person and that rants aren't becoming of me. So I will soften it a bit and hit some pet peeves and balance them with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens (do you know what that's from?).

Pet Peeves:
* Traffic from construction during the day

* People who chew with their mouths open
* Taking wrong turns because I am singing and too into the music
* Most drivers in Oregon (the ones who don't let you in at a merge)

* Many truck drivers (the ones who like to try to control traffic)
* Getting pulled over

Sound of Music Stuff
* When they do construction on the highways through the night and are gone by the time I wake up
* Singing so hard that I lose sense of my surroundings and it is just me and God
* Driving in New York (aggressive)
* Getting a written warning


Jill Funkhouser said...

ok, the singing thing is totally something I do all the time. I have taken so many wrong turns and even threw something out the windowbecause I was banging on my steering wheel with it and just lost control of it. It was actually a wood kind of train whistle and it went flying out my sunroof. Too funny!

Wes And Nina said...

And still can't believe all of the grandchildren watched the ENTIRE Sound of Music at our house. That's like 3 hours or more! I was supremely impressed!

erik w/a "k" said...

Jill - that is really funny. Haven't lost anything out the window, but I have lost myself.

Nins - seriously! That was amazing.

Bex said...

Baaahahahaha! I love the little video you made about driving one mile an hour and being able to take a nap. so classic. Also, my dad says hi. :-)

Construction on every freaking side of my house all day every day is enough to drive me batty.

Bex said...

Bahahhaha! Erik, the short video you made was hilarious!! I totally feel ya. Construction on all sides of my house all day every day drives me batty!

Also, my dad says hi. :-)

erik w/a "k" said...

Bex - Hi Mike!
That construction you have is annoying! I know that the right person will come by and perhaps it will even help because they can see the future with a nicer place because of what the construction will bring!

SoulFire Student Ministries said...

So far, we're on the same page bud.
How about the over use of LOL and other texting crap

DeBee said...

It does seem construction is worse this year than before; so annoying! Coming out of a dead end street they had posted that construction would start soon... "expect delays up to 20 minutes"!
On the favorite things side, we just returned from Salzburg. We love the Sound of Music, so took the tour and visited most of the places from the movie. Michelle and I quoted and sang our way through every stop. The guide wanted to hire us for the afternoon tour... ;-)

Chrystal said...

this one had too many comments, I don't feel special

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