Monday, September 07, 2009


Me and my buddies have started playing horseshoes over at a nearby park. Brian and I have been a team the last several times and Steve has had rotating team members. The last time Brian got 21 (what we need to win the game) and still had a horseshoe to throw, so he threw it about 3 feet in front of him. Well, Craig tossed his and landed on top of Brian and they won the game. Epic win (in our world).

Last night we went out to play and Brian's father-in-law joined Team Unwin. It was a hard fought battle all along. We had the lead for the first half and then they came back strong. Had us 16-11. Brian preceded to drop 2 ringers and put us up. There was also this 6 year old boy there that kept taunting Steve. Man did we laugh at that. Even when Steve got points and I didn't he told me I did a good job. It threw Steve quite a bit actually. We called the kid Allen. :)

We needed 2 points to win the game; it was my turn. I started to giggle and Steve couldn't figure out why until I threw my first shoe. I tossed it 3 feet infront of me. He said, "Is that really your throw?" I told him that I was quite confident in my abilities and went on. Well, with only 1 toss left, and it was getting very dark at the time too, I tossed it, hit the pole, sparks flew (literally) and it was a ringer to win the game!

I tweeted about it and told Steve I thought it was worthy of a blog to. So there you have it. A horseshoe moment we will tell our Grand kids about someday.

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Bex said...

Dude! haha! GREAT story! You guys crack me up. I love that you still have just plain old fashioned fun with your friends.

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