Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dancing Changed My Life

When I was in middle school break dancing became very popular. I was one of those kids that got picked on and I decided I was going to learn how to do this. I did. We had a crew [F.B.O. = Fresh Boyz Only] and my breakin' name was Kiro Fresh. I loved it. I became pretty good at it and our crew never lost a dance off. Middle School dances were great after that. We would have break dancing competitions and I took home a few records that had nothing to do with rap music. Actually the funniest was a David Lee Roth record.

Dancing changed my life.

My mom told me that break dancing was just a fad. I told her I could see myself break dancing when I was 30 (that was really old in my mind). When I was 30 I was asked to teach break dancing at an after school program at one of our local middle schools. I called my mom and said, "HA!" She didn't remember the conversation at all. [disappointing]

Today I want to share with you 4 of my favorite dance videos I have seen in a while. Chances are you have seen at least a couple of these. I still love dancing.

Ellen's Season Opener...very good.

Toby Mac and a special friend of his.

That awesome wedding video from this summer.


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