Friday, September 03, 2010

All good things come to an end...sorta

So our 40 days of blogging has come to an end. I don't look at this as good-bye, more of a see you REALLY soon. I have really enjoyed doing this and will continue to do so, likely just not every day. As I look back over the 40 days there are some things I noticed. I noticed that I really like blogging. I noticed that I can have the discipline to do this. I noticed that I read more to get inspired to write more. I noticed how much I have missed blogging.

I am really excited that I will be able to look back over the years, at where my heart was and what I was thinking about during different times in my life. Sometimes it's just fluff, like a piece on TV, sometimes it's deeper, like my babies coming home. I long for the day I get to meet them. They will one day get to read what I have written about them.

So the "experiment" is done. What do I do with it? Enjoy what it was and keep moving forward. Perhaps we will put our blogs together and make a book out of it. (in case you missed it, this experiment was done with some wonderful friends. Bex, Meesh and Steve who is just starting his 40 days. You should really read his blog. He is a great writer and absolutely hilarious.) All 3 of these are great reads. As a matter of fact Bex has a giveaway on her blog. Check it out.

Are you a blogger? If so, share your blog site here. I wold love to read it. If not, have you ever thought of it? There are no rules. You can write about whatever you want. It's free to get a blog. Just go to Of course there are a number of other free websites you can use out there like wordpress, typepad and xanga. Blogger is just the most familiar to me because that is what I use.

This was interesting to me. I looked at the stats and found the Top read posts over the last 40 days.
1) Some News About Numbers and our Adoption Agency!!
2) I am Praying when I run the Hood to Coast...Can I ...
3) Still Want a Shirt? Also, win a book!!
4) Rant
5) Grace?
6) Getting Rid of DishTV?
7) Hood to Coast
8) Kynzi turns 11!
9) Giving Out of Your Pain
10) Who Do You Process Stuff With?

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