Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Lighter Fare

If you read here regularly you know that there is a mix of mundane, fun, funny, sad, heart wrenching, etc. It's a hodge-podge of what my life is. The last few entries have been on the tearing up side. Water works have been a plenty. Some have complained that they soaked their keyboards and that Best Buy doesn't cover water damage. So, to help you, my bloggy friend, I am going to the lighter side for a post.

The following are some funny and interesting things I have seen recently that I think are worth a looksee.

Do you ever get frustrated with how fast people drive through your neighborhood? Call your friend who is really good at drawing.

I think this is me?

I want to build one of these rooms and do some fun videos. Wonder if anyone out there can do it for me?

OK, I have no idea how they did this. Trick photography? You tell me. It's pretty awesome though.

I LOVE the Amazing Race...can't wait to see it again. I would love to be on this show some day. It screams me. It's almost like they wrote the show for me, but I just haven't been on it yet.

Never celebrate too early! (I've been there)

There is a reason this video has over 137 million views. We all love to laugh. Try not to the whole way.

I love to fish. Wish I could fish like this! WOW!!

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