Friday, September 10, 2010

My Favorite Tweets

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite tweets people have posted. They each have made me laugh out loud. PS, if you don't know what twitter is, look here.

prodigaljohn prodigaljohn I wish I felt as close to my neighbors as I do to people who flash their lights to warn me of a cop. That is community!
Bex Mann bexmann Turns out my t-shirt is ever so slightly see-thru. This would explain the "looks" I was getting at Target this afternoon. Fantastic.
AndyStanley AndyStanley Just helped G. trim his mohawk. My dad never did that for me.  
 Joshua Griffin joshuagriffin If I eat 11 of these Hostess Cupcakes I'll have 100% of my calcium for the day.
Vin Thomas vinthomas BREAKING NEWS: President Obama wins the Heisman Trophy after watching just two college football games! #fb (RT @racheldurban and others)
Ethan Suplee EthanSuplee When examining a despicable personality I am usually startled by how much we have in common.
MattReeve MattReeve I just got flipped off by a boy scout who was driving a minivan w/his Dad in Chaska, MN. Is there a badge for that? 
kurtjohnston kurtjohnston 
 Hmmm...beginning to question Obama's potential for change; the line n Starbucks was just as long as it always was. 
(written the day Obama was inaugurated)

Just plain cool:
@greggrunberg RT @erikwilliams: it's true about the nose hairs people. I got 2 of them for $30 off thanx to Yowza!
Rick Lawrence RickSkip Bought T-shirt to help #ErikWilliams in his adoption fund for Ethiopian girl-got it for Lucy's 12th b-day. Get one at 



Bex said...

YES!!! I made it!!! hahaha ohhhhh what a day that was!

The boy scout one is also funny!

And....I love Obama so I simply cannot laugh at that. ;-)

Bex said...

ohhh man I keep reading and i keep laughing! The Andy Stanley one is too funny....sheesh. This is a good idea for a post.

erik w/a "k" said...

Hey, it doesn't matter whether you're an Obama fan or not. That is just plain hilarious! The day after he became President and the length of the lines at Starbucks haven't change? Comedy!

I would've loved to have been there with you that day and somehow had your perspective. (inside the mind of a woman...a guy could really learn a lot!)

Angela said...

Thats awesome!

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