Monday, April 07, 2008

Are you a Twit?

I have recently gotten onto this thing called twitter. Many of you have surely heard of it. Most probably have not. The short version of it is that it is a mini blog. Something you can update often just letting people know what you are doing. They can read it on their twitter account or they can get texts. I recently saved $10 but getting unlimited texts, so I receive a few twitter updates from people I "follow." It is kind of like facebook and myspace "updates" that you can do.


Well check out this video. It makes it really, really simple!

Wanna join me on twitter? I am going to test it out to see if it is something I want to keep doing. You can also add it to your blog, myspace or facebook accounts so people can stay updated with you there.

You may wonder if it is worth it or "who cares?" The few people I am following have made it interesting to see what they are doing. One friend twittered his experience getting into American Idol Gives Back last night. I got to find out who was on, what was good (ie. John Legend and Fergie did an exact reprise of their Grammy performance; Videos from all 3 presidential candidates will air on the show; John McCain’s video was terrible quality and “not up to our standards,” producer Nigel noted he hoped it would be replaced by the time the show aired and no offense to Republicans; Seacrest said the show will raise over 100M this year). Cool stuff.

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