Wednesday, April 30, 2008

round 2...

You can sign up for a free iphone (YES THIS IS ERIK W/A "K" WRITING THIS)

this is a totally legit program...u can also choose cash if u dont want to sign up with AT&T. (that's what I'm doing).

You can do this without it costing you a cent. (depending on what you choose). After you sign up you can choose to get others to sign up after you or you can do several sign ups yourself.

Here are 2 that you could choose from. Of course, there are a ton, but these are really easy. - Register for a free 4 week trial offer. Includes $5 Free Stamps. To receive credit, you must register for a 4 week trial, install, and print postage. Must remain a member for a minimum of 21 days to retain credit. Credit is typically awarded instantly.
This is totally free (plus).

Overnight Genius - Learn the most popular software programs like Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and many more. Learning is easy and fast with our proven, interactive methods FREE! Act now! Your friends and family will treat you like an OVERNIGHT GENIUS! To receive credit, you must register for the Overnight Genius training software. Credit is typically awarded instantly.

Just thought I might "tempt" you to take another look at it. I have 2 signed up already, but need ur help to get my freebie.

Click here (copy & paste into your url line up above) ---->

Thanx for thinking about it. Have a super week!

--erik w/a "k"

ps. Rising Star also has a free trial.
pps. We just received a Macbook Pro yesterday through a similar program!!!!

Get your own free iphone...sign up under me and then get 8 others to do the same.

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