Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Idol Gives Back - Shout to the Lord

DVRs are great and stink at the same time! American Idol Gives Back went a little longer than scheduled tonight and thus my recording of it got cut short. It cut out about 20 seconds into Mariah Carey. It turns out I missed an amazing end. They sang "Shout to the Lord." WHAT?!?!

The whole evening was certainly very inspiring. I love this stuff. Miley Cyrus got the most face time of all the guests. Bono was great. Robin Williams, irreverent, but funny. Jimmy Kimmel's whole routine was focused on Simon. Hilarious.

DAUGHTRY!!! Stud! (becca) ;)

Then I found this clip online. This was the finish to the night. I am not sure what I missed besides this, but what a cool finish.


Bex said...

Please don't ruin a great night or a great post by inserting "his" name. :-)

Rochelle said...

I could not believe that they ended the show that way!!! It totally rocked!

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