Saturday, April 19, 2008

Snow in April

This morning I woke up to, "It's snowing! It's snowing! It's snowing! It's snowing!" We opened the blinds and sure enough, GIANT snowflakes falling from the sky. It was beautiful and strange all at the same time. One week ago today I was outside dying my hair for the Price is Right and I got a sunburn. Today I wake up to snow. Oregon is a strange place, yet absolutely gorgeous. With the snow falling it was hard to tell if it was sticking on the tree in our neighbors yard, because it's a cherry tree and it is in full bloom.

Well, shortly after we enjoyed watching the snow, the sun came out in full force. The forecast includes, snow, rain, sunshine and thundershowers. It's nice that the weathermen can fill in all the blanks and cover every weather possibility in one day. Then they won't be wrong.

So Karston and I went out in the back and made a snowman and had a snowball fight.

Well, today is a full one. Kynzi has a volleyball game, Karston has pictures for his team, we have to finish cleaning the house, Karston has a baseball game, I am speaking to our middle school students at church tonight and then Jeanne-Ann is leaving for Florida to go to her Grandma's funeral. It's a crazy we go.

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