Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No Run? Feeling bloated

Last night we went to Todai's for dinner. It's a pretty pricey Japanese seafood buffet place where you get to eat for free on your birthday. :D They have all you can eat shrimp, crab legs, lobster tail, crepes, and cream puffs. Oh they also have sushi, salad, chicken, other desserts, but I don't waste my time on all of that.

I can pack it away when I want to. I am really glad I did not hear my friend Justin's sermon on gluttony this weekend. haha. It was a great way to end a wonderful birthday. 1 mile from my house though, I almost got one final present. I got pulled over. It turns out that my right headlight s out. I have had some issues with it for about a year. I have replaced the bulb a couple of times and it seems to be a faulty wire or something as it sometimes pops on and off. Anyhow, the kind officer decided to give me the gift of, "Another officer might not be as nice as me and give you a $104 ticket." "Thank you sir."

I was headed home from work today and got a call from Steve, my running buddy, and he told me he got tied up in traffic and we would have to run on Thursday. I decided to give my knee a little rest and went on a bike ride with the kids. Then I decided to go ahead and take a 10 mile bike ride on my own. With a 3rd of the trip left it began to rain and it was cold.

I did feel good after my ride (surprisingly). There was some pressure on my knee, we will see.

Tomorrow night is the middle school Price is Right event. I am so pumped for round two! you can watch it live on www.ustream.tv/channel/erikwithak . Enjoy.

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Pastor Marvin Nelson said...

Erik! Yea, I finished it, it was awesome. I was surprised by the haters too, but that'll happen I suppose. Good to hear from you again so soon!

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