Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Price is Right Bob

Tonight we finally had our big outreach event of the spring. The Price is Right. It was soooo cool! I got to play the host, Bob Barker. Drew Carey is not very popular with people it seems. So I bleached my hair so it would look white and got a mystic tan. that was weird.

Each game we replaced the whole contestant row with another 4 people. Everyone who made it there got a PIR tshirt and got a chance to win and play a game. We played cliff hanger, one away and Plinko to name just a few. Then we had an awesome Showcase. One of the winners took home 4 tickets to a Beavers game, Timbers game, a Limo ride and several other things. Someone also got a sweet digital camera with the rest of the showcase. It was so much fun!!

Here are a few pics to enjoy from the night.

Oh, round 2 is on Wednesday from 7-9 for the middle schoolers. You can catch it on

Wanna read some more? Check out Michelle's blog or Becca's blog.


Michelle said...

Thanks again grateful for you!!! =)

Rochelle said...

Happy Birthday! enjoy your day bob! love the new hair. it goes great with the tan. ha ha.

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