Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Winner Ladies and Gentemen

In February I held a contest through and SYM for the person with the best reply to my blogs while I was at the SYM/Group Conference in Cincinnati. I did not, however, post a winner.
So, without further ado, our winner is..."known to us all right after these announcements." Haha...yes, I am a Seacrest wannabe.

Our winner is ... going to get this really cool prize.
"Jr High What's Next? from Simply Youth Ministry

It’s one of life’s biggest questions—What happens to me when I die? In this two-week series, Kurt Johnston lays out the two options, what we know of each, and emphasizes the importance of salvation through Christ.
Using ample illustrations and his usual humor, Kurt takes on a tough one and gives you the tools you need to do the same.

This one sets up pretty easily:

* Week 1 — Hell
* Week 2 — Heaven

This digital download will be given away to the person who has the best comment on any of my Group/Simply Youth Ministry Conference blog posts. So fire away!"

and the person getting that is...brace yourselves...

This person. :)

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Wait...what? I won?? are you kidding me?? Wow. unbelievable. I should read your blog more often. I thought you were waiting to announce it (classic Seacrest...I didn't realize it was a link). Ugh. I'm such a dork. Thanks.

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