Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hot air balloon, races, parades and more

This weekend was a VERY full one. Friday I got home and we headed off to Karston’s baseball game. It is fun to be part of coaching this team. I have rarely missed a game or practice and I love that! The game was kept to an hour as it hit 99 DEGREES!!! We broke all the old records as we did on Saturday when it hit 95! Didn’t it just snow a few weekends ago?
Before I went to bed on Friday I got a call to go crew with our hot air balloon. When I say “our” I am referring to Jim Desch’s balloon. I have been crewing with him for over 10 years now. Because of the heat he wants to get up earlier than normal. So we have to meet in West Salem at 5:15AM!! Which means I am up at 4:30AM for a quick shower and the drive over. It is a great flight and we land at Keizer Elementary. You can read all about that flight and see pics at www.balloonflying.com and check out recent flights.
I then head home and we get on our way to go to Karston’s Salem JC Relays. The fastest 4 kids from each class (1st – 5th grade) in all the area schools compete. There are about 40 schools represented. I was blown away! His team picks up a white ribbon for 3rd (he was 3rd leg and took them from 3rd to 2nd…yes, I am a proud Pappa) and then we rush over to the Keizer Iris Festival Parade.

This is us with Kevin Mannix

the pizza guy

Kynzi is in the parade this year because she made the Jumping Stars. This is a jump rope club that has to learn about 100 different jump rope moves. My kids are WAY better at jumping rope than I am already! Amazing! We get there just in time to follow her for a little bit and enjoy her and her group. They are AWEsome!

We then join our friends the Condellos and Unwins for the rest of the parade and tradition fashion (2 years running now) we cheer for every single person as they pass by. If they had a name anywhere visible, you can be sure it was cheered loudly for. We even cheered for the horse pooper scoopers. “Yay pooper scooper! You rock!” One of them was clearly not amused that we would point out what they were doing. Oh well, can’t please everyone.
After the parade was all over we went home for a little break, a short nap and then Karston had another game. We finished the day with a little fishing trip to the St. Louis ponds. No love from the fish this weekend. Next time. We didn’t even have “the one that got away.”

After a good night’s rest we head off for church and then we finish the night with a BBQ at the Unwins and Patrick makes us the most amazing BBQ chicken! Mmmm…I had left over’s 2 days in a row.

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i -need- that pizza suit. seriously.

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