Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What's the Longest You Have Ever...

What's the longest you have ever done anything? Have you ever tried to break a world record? This kid wore a Brett Favre jersey for 1,561 days! What? I love the Red Sox, but I don't know about 4+ years of ONLY a David Ortiz jersey.

The longest I have ever...
...gone without "going" is 5 days in Mexico in a competition with a friend. (dumb competition, I know)
...I have ever drank? water without stopping to breathe was a 1.5 liter bottle. (also happened in Mexico...as part of a bet...hmmm)
...stayed up without sleeping is 39 hours (once in college and once after an all night party for our youth ministry)

How about you? You got a personal best?
Hit me back in the comments with your "records."

Read the full story here.


"David Witthoft, the youngster who had been wearing the same Brett Favre jersey every day for more than four years, has finally taken it off.

The timing of Favre's retirement actually works out pretty well for the young fellow. He was turning 12, and as 12-year-olds often do, he was growing quickly. The jersey he was given on his 7th birthday barely covered his torso these days."

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